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Choose your own time to Ride and Record


Krushka's MTB trail, Blue Derby

Kruskha's Ride and Reccy

Government logging agency STT have said they will start logging Krushka's forests again in February.! We need eyes on the ground as part of our ongoign court case to protect these forests. Use your bike, camera and GoPro to record any signs of logging, then email to us. On your bike!

Kruskha's Ride and Reccy
Kruskha's Ride and Reccy

Time & Location

Choose your own time to Ride and Record

Krushka's MTB trail, Blue Derby, Derby TAS 7264, Australia


About the Event

Goverment logging agency have stated they intend to restart logging  in the two Krushka's forests around Big Mama some time in February 2024 .

Sustainable Timbers Tasmania will not tell us exactly when, or what that logging may look like. We need your hepl to be part of our MTB based souting 'Ride and Reccy' around the threatened forests of the Blue Derby focusing on the two logging coupes that span the hill taking in the Krushka's forests. 

If you see vechicles (utes, dozers trucks) or hear logging activity (chainsaws, trees being pushed over, engines) in these forests we need you to tell us immediately

How you can help help to keep Blue Derby Wild.

1. Register to be part of Ride and Reccy so we can send you a map showing where the logging coupes are currently situated (boundaries can change frequently) and where those boundaries are in relation to the MTB Trails

2. Take a moment to get off your bike, stretch your legs and experience in these forests. Walking just 50m off the track will show you a whole other perspective on the forests and trees you don't get to see while riding, and the logging roads that were recently pushed into Krushka's forests. These are the forests we are working to protect in the coming months.

4. When taking a picture turn on your location device so that the coordinates are embedded in the image (we will need this to map out where the logging is happening).

5. When you're back in range send us the best images (in focus, with GPS coordinates embedded in the image, and with tag where you are) to

Thanks for being part of the effort to save the forests of north east Tasmania. They are worth more standing!

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