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Logging the MTB trails

The native forests around the iconic Blue Derby and St Helens MTB trail networks are predominantly classified as State Forests. Forests the Government Business Enterprise (G.B.E.), Sustainable Timbers Tasmania overseas for logging. 

There are plans to log the Krushka's and Atlas forests from October 2021. Help us protect these forests and Sign our Petition to The Premier of Tasmania that Krushka's, and all our native forests, are Worth More Standing.

Unfortunately when the MTB trails were being planned and designed no changing of land tenure was undertaken to ensure the forested valleys and ridges they wind through would be protected from logging. The forests around Derby are currently available for logging, with Krushka's and Atlas trails at most urgent threat. 

From April 2020 over 356,000 ha of native forest across Tasmania were taken out of temporary reserve and placed back into state forests. This includes large areas of forests in north east Tasmania, and forests around the Blue Derby, Bay Of Fires and St Helens MTB trails.

These forests are worth more standing as tourism destinations, carbon banks, water sheds and biodiversity arks. 

*The maps below are taken from government information & logging maps showing the threatened forests and MTB trails/ 

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