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Blue Derby Wild take unlawful logging of Krushka's to the Supreme Court

The Tasmanian government has been forced to admit that native forest logging in Tasmania has been unlawful since the mid-1980s. Hundreds of thousands of hectares of ancient forests and their wildlife have been chainsawed, bulldozed and burnt under this incompetent and unlawful logging system and we are taking this matter to the Supreme Court of Tasmania.

Blue Derby Wild have been working away since March 2021 to expose this systematic corruption through the specific examples of plans for logging two areas of our Krushka’s forests. This includes the highly irregular public consultation process, the non-transparent process of developing and delivering Forest Practices Plan (FPP) to the public just days before logging starts, and then the ever changing goal posts of how logging will take place in our forests. We are using these detailed examples to expose the issues with the delegation powers of the Forest Practices Authority and Sustainable Timber Tasmania not just in Krushka’s forests, but across Tasmania.

We are taking this action in the Supreme Court of Tasmania to stop any further logging activities in Krushka’s forests, and proposed logging of Atlas, Dam Busters, Mutual Valley, Weld Hill and logging of the Blue Tier. More importantly we are taking this action to put an end to these destructive and unsustainable logging practices across Tasmania.

Since the revelations of decades of unlawful native forest logging the government's response to this serious matter of the law is to move to introduce retrospective laws to cover up this criminal behaviour. While the Tasmanian government scrambles to find a band-aide legislative fix, they continue to allow unlawful logging, burning and woodchipping of Tasmania's Gondwana forests from Krushka’s, the Blue Tier, Styx, Wentworth Hills and takayna/Tarkine.

As a small volunteer run community group this is a big step to take, and we know it is the right and important step to take. We will need you to step up with us and support our action in whatever way you can. The most immediate support you can give is donating to our legal appeal. Other practical ways you can help include organising events to help resource this important work, volunteering your skills and time with us, and coming on the ground with us to continue our forest audits and biodiversity surveys.

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