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Blue Derby Wild welcomes call from Blue Derby Foundation to halt native forest logging.

Blue Derby Wild welcome today's statement by the Blue Derby Foundation that they too want an immediate cessation of logging of native forests, including Krushka’s and Atlas forests in the region.

Coordinator of Blue Derby Wild, Louise Morris said, ‘To have the body tasked with progressing the economic development of Derby highlight the damage that the non-transparent and non-consultative way in which government logging agency Sustainable Timber Tasmania started logging Krushka’s in the face of community business opposition is telling.’

‘More than 33,000 people have stood up for the protection of these forests, and as recently as February 11, more than 200 businesses wrote to the Premier urging him to declare an immediate halt to logging of these forests. This letter was accompanied by an invitation to the Premier to come to Derby to meet with local businesses to see first hand the negative impact logging is having on our forests, community and nature-based tourism brand, which we hope the Premier will accept in the very near future.

Blue Derby Wild and our associated 200 businesses wholeheartedly support the Blue Derby Foundations concerts that:

‘The Foundation believes the credibility of the Derby Concept Plan has been severely damaged by Sustainable Timber’s decision to proceed with logging of coupes during the consultation process.

The Blue Derby Foundation calls upon the State Government to cease logging in the area and to facilitate an immediate independent review of the value of logging within the Blue Derby MTB precinct in light of the tourism development in the area. There is information that 80% of the wood harvested is to be woodchipped, which is contrary to previous representations the wood was high grade to be used in the building industry.

An independent economic audit is required to assess:

− The amount of money logging in that area is generating;

− The value of the timber being sourced from those coupes;

− The number of jobs logging those coupes provides;

− The impact mountain biking tourism has made to the area;

− The potential damage to the Blue Derby brand logging those coupes will cause; and − The associated cost of damage to the Blue Derby brand.’

'We again call on the Premier, who is now our Climate Change and Tourism Minister, to use all the powers available to him to halt the logging of Krushka’s forest (CC119A) that is going at a rapid pace. The Premier needs to ensure the protection of the additional areas of Kruskha’s forest (CC105A) slated for logging in coming weeks, and ensure that the iconic forests from Atlas, Dambusters, Weld Hill through to the Blue Tier are taken off the chopping block. Their value to our community for their climate change, biodiversity and nature based tourism are worth so much more than woodchips.' concluded Ms Morris

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