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More court dates before trial.

Yesterday, Wednesday April 27 we were back in the Supreme Court of Tasmania for the next step towards a trial date on May 9 in the case against The Forest Practices Authority and Sustainable Timber Tasmania for the unlawful logging of Krushka’s forests.

We have already achieved a first in Tasmania in obtaining an interlocutory injunction to stop all logging activities in Krushka’s forests while our claim of unlawful logging is tested. This case has the potential to be a test case for all Tasmania’s forests logged by the Forest Practices Authority and Sustainable Timber Tasmania.

Our legal team have been working tirelessly to get our case prepared, tested and revised to ensure we provide the best prosecution possible, and hold the power behind native forest logging to account

On Wednesday the judge decided that we would require another Directions Hearing in the Supreme Court on Monday May 2, as Blue Derby Wild Inc are still waiting on requested documents from the FPA and STT lawyers (which may be quite large), while the lawyers for STT wanted more time to read the documents our team has already provided. Myself and our three legal experts will all be heading down to the Hobart Supreme Court to be there in person as we are now less than two weeks away from trial, and we want to get this show on the road.

The next week and a half is going to be incredibly busy, and our efforts are focused on how our claims in our case to the our best to protect what is left standing, but to also ensure that plans to log Atlas forests next year do not progress. Not to mention make this case a state-wide test case for all our native forests being logged, from Krushka’s, Atlas, Blue Tier, takayna/Tarkine to the great southern forests.

In the next two weeks we need help in a number of ways from donation to the Legal Fighting Fund, and spreading the word. We need people spreading the word about this case through Letters to the Editor in Tasmanian and national newspapers. Call the Tasmanian and national talkback radio shows and help us raise the profile of this landmark case and precedent-setting injunction of logging in Krushka’s. All taking place under the silencing influence of a pro-native forest logging government.

You can find quick links to those via our Take Action tab on this website. Get writing and calling!

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