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Gondwana & glacial refugia forests

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Threatened forests

The forests of north east Tasmania include carbon-rich tall wet eucalypt forests, pure rainforest and lowland dry forests. Interspersed within these forests are heathlands, alpine meadows and moraine vegetation. It is a complex landscape that supports rich and diverse plant and animal communities. There are species here which are found only in the north east of Tasmania, including the Simpson’s stage beetle, north east forest snail and genetically distinct rainforest and eucalypt species that evolved from the glacial refugia of the Blue Tier.

North East Tasmania Gondwanic National Park

Tasmania has some of Australia's most iconic wild places and Gondwanic remnant vegetation.  Over the years various community, scientific and political leaders have articulated a clear case for a national park in north east Tasmania that protects the unique landscapes, fauna and flora of the area.

There is an exciting and important opportunity to protect our forests and wild places, creating and shaping the missing major piece of biologically unique conservation estate in Tasmania waiting to be protected.

Unlawful Logging Supreme Court Case

Support our case in the Supreme Court of Tasmania challenging the unlawful logging of Tasmania's forests. Our case is pulling apart the laws that allow government business enterprise Sustainable Timber Tasmania to self regulate their native forest logging practices. If you want to help hold this deeply flawed and non-transparent system to account throw some forest saving donations our way HERE

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Upcoming Events

  • Kruskha's Ride and Reccy
    Choose your own time to Ride and Record
    Krushka's MTB trail, Blue Derby
    Choose your own time to Ride and Record
    Krushka's MTB trail, Blue Derby, Derby TAS 7264, Australia
    Scouting on a Mountain Bike! Ride! A chance for you to be a scout on the ground to make sure our injunction on logging of the Krushka's forests is not being breached. Use your bike, camera and GoPro to record the forests and any signs of logging, then email to us.
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