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Blue Derby Wild is a volunteer organisation of passionate locals, business owners, adventurers, scientists, outdoor enthusiasts and individuals passionate about north east Tasmania and creating thriving communities and landscapes. We collaborate with  academic institutions, government agencies, researchers, Non Government Organisations and anyone passionate about protecting our forests and biodiversity.

Join us in advocating for our native forests. Come experience our beautiful part of the world and support our critical work to protect north east Tasmania's wild places.


It's the best kept secret in Tasmania.  We need you to help us show the world how good our wild places are, and why we need to protect them.

Call talk back radio in Tasmania (north or south ), or where ever you live, to highlight that Tasmania's Gondwana forests are still being logged, and there is a Supreme Court case going on to prove they're being logged unlawfully!

Write a Letter to the Editor of The Hobart Mercury and The Launceston Examiner.

Write a Letter to the Editor for one of our national newspapers including The Age

and The Australian 

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @bluederbwild and share your experiences of our forests, wildlife and wild places with the world.

Blue Derby Wild are taking the unlawful logging of Krushka's forests, and all Tasmania's public native forests, to the Supreme Court.

Our claim being tested in the Supreme Court of Tasmania is that  Krushka's forests have been logged unlawfully by the Forest Practices Authority and Sustainable Timber Tasmania. Should this case be successful this will have huge implications for all native forests logged in Tasmania.

You can support our test case by donating to our legal efforts that is a test case for the lawfulness of native forest logging across Tasmania.

Donate to Blue Derby Wild Legal Fighting Fund:

BSB 313140

ACC: 1229 4120


Want to be part of restoring, reconnecting and reviving our region? We'd love to have you on board.

Whether you're a local business owner, a local passionate about making our communities prosper or passing through and enjoying our wild places, food, wine and way of life, there are may ways you can help.


Contact us to discuss how you, your business or community group can be part of protecting the forests and wildlife of north east Tasmania.


If you can't make it to the forests to help us with our on ground work, we are able to take donations that will go directly to our ongoing Supreme Court case, citizen science and forest conservation programs.

Donate & Support.

Blue Derby Wild is a community collaboration run by volunteers passionate about protecting our wild places and building a prosperous future for Tasmania.

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