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Australian Forest Network calls on the Federal and State Governments to immediately stop logging in

We call on the Federal and State Governments to immediately stop logging and all other forms of degradation in our public native forests.

Australia now faces the existential crises of catastrophic climate change and biodiversity loss. Species are hurtling towards extinction as they face a rapidly changing climate and habitat destruction. Forest-dependent species are especially under threat following the catastrophic 2019/2020 bushfires in eastern Australia.

Scientists and economists around the world are calling for immediate and far-reaching action to address climate change and biodiversity loss. One action that has strong support from experts, as well as overwhelming community support, is to stop the logging of native forests.

Australia’s native forests are ecologically unique and provide invaluable benefits to our society. These benefits include carbon storage, water supply, erosion control, pollination, nutrient recycling and biodiversity. Native forests are culturally, economically and spiritually significant to First Nations Peoples and provide all Australians with recreational and spiritual benefits.

A significant area of Australia’s native forest is on public land. That is, land directly under the responsibility and management of governments on behalf of the public.

Forests on public land must be managed in the public interest and for the public good and not logged and degraded to benefit a few.

Conservation of privately owned forests needs to be encouraged with financial incentives.

By protecting our remaining forests, and restoring degraded areas, we can actively address the biodiversity and climate change crises. Protecting and restoring forests will significantly reduce Australia’s greenhouse emissions and help to store and sequester carbon. It will also secure and improve habitat for Australia’s unique wildlife and create numerous job opportunities.

We call on State and Federal Governments to:

1. Immediately stop the logging and all other forms of degradation in our public native forests;

2. Develop stronger regulations and incentive programmes to encourage private landholders to protect and restore forests;

3. Invest in the management of forests for biodiversity, carbon storage and catchment integrity, including the restoration of degraded native forests. This will create a wide range of regional jobs in forest management;

4. Recognise the rights and interests of First Nations in the public forest estate and genuinely consult and negotiate on future forest management;

5. End public subsidies across the logging industry;

6. Ban the use of native forest wood as biomass for electricity generation;

7. Invest in ecologically-sensitive farm forestry plantings for biodiversity and timber.

Maggie Cowling

ACF Community Melbourne North by North West

Meredith Stanton

Australian Forests and Climate Alliance

Dr Aila Keto and Virginia Young Australian Rainforest Conservation Society

Peter Lockyer

BEAM Mitchell Environment Group

Caroline Joseph

Bellingen Environment Centre

Shaunti Kiehl

Biomass Action Group (BAG)

Louise Morris

Blue Derby Wild

Dr Bob Brown and Jenny Weber

Bob Brown Foundation

Sam Dawson

Caldera Environment Centre

Judith Bourne

Canberra Forest Alliance

John Edwards

Clarence Environment Centre

Joslyn van der Moolen

The Coastwatchers Association Inc.

Bob Debus and Christine Milne

Colong Foundation for Wilderness

Sarah Day


Jill Redwood

Environment East Gippsland Inc.

Dr Marion Cincotta

Extinction Rebellion Grey Power Vic.

Cat Macleod

Extinction Rebellion Darebin

Claire Burgess

Extinction Rebellion Tasmania

Kim Croxford

Forest Basecamp (Taungurung country)

Alana Mountain

Forest Conservation Victoria

Miranda Gibson

Forest Defence NSW

Sean Cadman

Forest Walks Lodge

Jack O’Hare

Forestry Watch

Sean O’Shannessy


Lisa Roberts

Friends of Bats and Habitat Gippsland

Cam Walker

Friends of the Earth Melbourne - Forests Collective

Dr Leonie van der Maesen

Friends of the Earth Western Australia

Nick Hopkins

Friends of the Forest - Mogo

Steve Meacher

Friends of Leadbeater’s Possum

David Clarke

Friends of Noojee's Trees

Angela Wallace

Friends of Pine Creek

Robyn Grant

Gippsland Environment Group

Chris Schuringa

Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO)

Alex Wylie

Grass Roots Action Network Tasmania

Kevin Evans

The Great Koala National Park

Paul Payten

Great Southern Forests

Karena Goldfinch

The Great Tree Project

Prof. Don White

Green Shareholders

Catherine Jones

Kalang Land Environment Action Network

Katherine Kelly

Kalang River Forest Alliance

Daniel Peterson

Lismore Environment Centre

Sally Wylie

Margaret River Regional Environment Centre

Peta Goodwin

Nannas for Native Forests

Paula Flack

Nambucca Valley Conservation Association Inc.

Dr Grahame Douglas

National Parks Association of NSW

Chris Gambian

Nature Conservation Council of NSW

Zianna Fuad

Newry Native Forest Blockade

Cath Rouse

Newlands Friends of the Forest

Scott Sledge

Nimbin Environment Centre

Jim Morrison

North Coast Environment Council

Susie Russell

North East Forest Alliance

Leif Lemke

Orama River Care Association

Meghan Halverson

Queensland Koala Crusaders

Bev Dick

Rubicon Forest Protection Group Inc.

Scott Daines

South East Forest Rescue

Ann Taket

Sybil Disobedients - Naarm

Harriett Swift

South East Region Conservation Alliance NSW

Dr Helen McKernan

Save Our Strathbogie Forest

Dr Jennifer Sanger

The Tree Projects

Nick Fox

Warburton Environment

Jess Beckerling

Western Australian Forest Alliance

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