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Blue Derby Wild takes public behind logging buffer PR spin

Blue Derby Wild went behind the buffer of PR spin on the logging of native forests in north east Tasmania on International Day For Forests. Members of the public experienced a behind the scenes tour of native forest logging around the Blue Derby MTB trail network and surrounding hills. On International Day of Forests Blue Derby lead a Connectivity Corridor Convoy through the threatened forests aroudn Derby. Within the same week we uncovered the commencement of logging in the forests that surround the Krushka's MTB trail, we also saw the increased logging in the Mutual Valley. It's fitting on International Day for Forests that we led over 50 people on a Connectivity Corridor Convoy of the threatened forests around Derby. Forests that are wildlife and biodiversity connectivity links between the Blue Tier, Weldborough and forests of the Derby region. The convoy took in Gondwana remnant forests that are threatened with logging in the coming year, forests that have just been logged, and forest areas currently being logged all in the one catchment of the Mutual Valley. Blue Derby Wild invited Bunnings to come and tour these forests in February to see for themselves where the Tasmanian tree ferns they sell in their garden centres are coming from, and the destruction involved with the logging of Tasmania's native forests. Bunnings have yet to take us up on our offer to tour the forests or respond to our questions regarding their supply chain in Tasmanian Tree ferns. The Tasmanian government and it's Government Business Enterprise, Sustainable Timbers Tasmania, continue the loss making outdated native forests logging operations behind a thin buffer of industry PR spin. They falsely think that if they hide what is going on in our forests from public view, no-one will notice the logging of the forests and wild places that are being promoted as our states biggest tourism drawcard. Over 8 million dollars of federal grants, and hundreds of thousands of state government grants have been given to build the Blue Derby Mountain bike trail network through our forested hills. These same hills are being logged, undermining the brand and business case for forested MTB trails. It doesn't make sense to promote our area as a premium outdoor tourism destination, and then log the very natural assets and forests that hold them.' Blue Derby Wild calls on Premier Peter Gutwein to end native forest logging and the forests around our community. Continuing with state taxpayer subsidised native forest logging for the tree fern garden centre trade and woodchips is undermining our forests, biodiversity and our ability to act on climate and build more diverse and sustainable local industries.

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